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Amazon unveils new Technology 3D Body Scanning to give you exact size of Clothing

Amazon is reportedly going a step ahead to physically scan your body to show you the clothing which fits you perfectly.

Online E-Coomerce or shopping sites gather a great deal of information to know your inclinations and show you related content which you might want. Presently, Amazon is apparently proceeding to physically examine your body to demonstrate to you the attire which fits you flawlessly.

The web based business goliath is purportedly welcoming clients (volunteers) to its New York office so as to keep a tab on their body shape and size over a 20-week time span by means of 3D filtering.

These volunteers will visit two times per month keeping in mind the end goal to permit Amazon a superior comprehension of the changing human body, Digital Trends announced. Thus, Amazon will give them gift vouchers worth up to USD 250.

The thought behind this venture is obviously to enable Amazon to give you the best fit of their clothes or garments and thus, reduce the number of returns the company has to deal with on a daily basis.

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