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Alphabet Inc to launch LinkedIn-style a Job Website called Google Hire to help you find a Job

Google is working on a tool for posting job openings and managing applicants, allowing the internet search giant to take a stab at sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. Though Google Hire’s login page can be accessed, signing in doesn’t seem to actually work for the public just yet. Despite not being in operation, Google Hire looks to have already stirred a pot of controversy. Not long after being uncovered, outlets reported that Google Hire’s process could allow employers access to an applicant’s search history. A Google representative has since debunked these claims of potential employer snooping.

Most employers will do a Google search on your name before they hire you. Google set to muscle in on the online recruitment market. In this day and age every boss is going to quickly Google a prospective employee before asking them to come in for an interview but now the technology giant is working on project called Google Hire which will help employers learn perhaps a little bit too much about their new recruits it will report recruitment tool similar to LinkedIn.  Google is working on a LinkedIn-style tool which employers can use to find and manage job applicants. But now the Search giant is building its own recruitment tool which will help companies learn a LOT about its applicants. However early reports suggested will be  available to your personal google account if that’s the case it will link things like your search history and YouTube account with your job application laying it all there for employers to see. It is found that other Web based companies are also developing the tool is currently under testing and that it will let employers post job listings and accept amend applications it was apparently developed by Google’s enterprise and
cloud division.

One of the other interesting things is that Job openings of several key positions for Google Hire is currently listed on Bepop website. Two year back in 2015 CEO, Sundar Pichai has commented at the time of Bepop acquisition that it will help in boosting google to provide more integrated cloud products at every level like Android, applications like Gmail and Docs and developer frameworks for mobile and enterprise users. Google Hire could post a serious threat to Microsoft’s professional networking platform Linkedin and other websites such as Greenhouse and Jobvite.

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