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  1. Facebook is building Brain Computer Wants You To Type With Your Brain, Listen With Your Skin
  2. Elon Musk Says Tesla Motors Will Unveil an Electric Semi Truck In September
  3. Googleplex : Google’s new futuristic Solar-powered California Headquarters in Mountain View
  4. Alphabet Inc to launch LinkedIn-style a Job Website called Google Hire to help you find a Job
  5. Renault Samsung “Twizy” Transformer Style Ultra Small Electric Car Launched
  6. First Driverless Shuttle Bus Service “Harry” to be tested by Public in London
  7. Sachin Tendulkar launches his own Social Media Application called ‘100MB’ for his Fans
  8. Dubai has Bugatti Veyron the World’s Fastest Police Car with 407 kmph speed sets new Guinness Book of Records
  9. Tesla Motors Founder Elon Musk Launches Artificial Intelligence startup ‘Neuralink’ to Connect Brains With Computers
  10. The Big Bend : Incredible U-Shaped Skyscraper in New York Could Become World’s Longest Building
  11. FORBES LIST : Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates once again became World’s Richest Man, US President Donald Trump slips more than 200 position
  12. Norway beats Denmark as Happiest Country in the World, US Drops to 14th Place and India ranked a lowly 122 on a list of the world’s Happiest Report
  13. Bell Helicopter unveils Futuristic FCX-001 Concept Rotocraft at Heli-Expo 2017 in Dallas that is beyond your Imagination
  14. Rolls-Royce has built a mini Electric luxury car for sick children
  15. Google announced that World Watches 1 Billion Hours Of YouTube Every Day
  16. Dubai is planning to launch Autonomus Mega Drone Self Flying Air Taxi as early as this Summer
  17. Apple’s to open $5 billion Spaceship style campus named “Apple Park” in April
  18. Aston Martin has unveiled two new cars at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show: the Vulcan and the DBX.
  19. 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV With 750 HP And 217 MPH
  20. FERRARI CELEBRATES 60 YEARS IN THE USA – 1,000 Ferraris and proud Ferraristi to the streets of Beverly Hills