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  1. Apple to build One Billion Dollar Campus in Austin, Texas, will create 20,000 jobs in United States
  2. China Unveils Plans to Build High-Speed Underwater Bullet Train
  3. Lamborghini Urus ST-X Super SUV Concept: The first Super SUV for Racing
  4. Delta Airlines becomes First American Airlines to unveil new Flying Beauty Airbus A220 Aircraft
  5. Paytm is launching ‘PayPay’; QR based Mobile Wallet service in Japan
  6. RIP Yahoo Messenger Finally shuts Down after 20 Years! World First Real Messaging App
  7. Blood Moon 2018: Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of Century on July 27-28
  8. Kylie Jenner is the Forbes Youngest Billionaire in the History
  9. Facebook Adopted Baby ‘Instagram’ is Worth $100 Bn, Growing Faster Than Any Social Network on the Planet
  10. Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid to join Juventus, Becomes Fourth Most Expensive Player in Football History
  11. World’s First Production Ready Flying Car PAL-V Liberty makes Avaitaion Debut at Farnborough International Airshow, England
  12. Meet Kim, The World’s First “Pet” Spider ever trained by scientists
  13. Mount Agung volcano erupts in Bali after more than 50 years
  14. GMR opens ‘Airport Resort’ new terminal at Philippines’ Mactan Cebu Airport
  15. IBM will use Blockchain Technology to verify Diamond and Gold Jewelry Authenticity
  16. United Arab Emirates to allow 100% Business ownership to foreign investors
  17. Amazon unveils new Technology 3D Body Scanning to give you exact size of Clothing
  18. Facebook to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency, its own version of Bitcoin
  19. Saudi Arabia Launches ‘Qiddiya’ Multi-Billion Dollar Entertainment Resort, Larger than Disney Land
  20. Volkswagen unveils First Ever Fully Electric Racing Car, Accelerates Faster than a F1 Car