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  1. IBM will use Blockchain Technology to verify Diamond and Gold Jewelry Authenticity
  2. United Arab Emirates to allow 100% Business ownership to foreign investors
  3. Amazon unveils new Technology 3D Body Scanning to give you exact size of Clothing
  4. Facebook to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency, its own version of Bitcoin
  5. Saudi Arabia Launches ‘Qiddiya’ Multi-Billion Dollar Entertainment Resort, Larger than Disney Land
  6. Volkswagen unveils First Ever Fully Electric Racing Car, Accelerates Faster than a F1 Car
  7. Saudi Arabia celebrates as it lifts 35 Year ban on Cinemas, Black Panther becomes First Movie to be Screened
  8. Amazon launches International Shopping Feature from United States, to allow customers to shop in 25 Currencies
  9. World’s First Floating City With Its Own Government to be built In Pacific Ocean By 2020
  10. Emirates sets new record with over 1 million Wi-Fi connections on board in March
  11. SoftBank partners with Saudi Arabia announces 200 Billion Dollar for Massive Solar Power project will create 100,000 Jobs
  12. Samsung Buys Egyptian AI based Search Engine Startup Kngine
  13. Google buys HTC Smartphone Unit for 1.1 Billion Dollars to strengthen Hardware Operations
  14. Los Angeles agrees to Host 2028 Olympic Games, Paris Aims for 2024
  15. Japan Ready To Shoot Down North Korean Missile If It Targets United States Base In Guam
  16. Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Dethrones Bill Gates To Become World’s Richest Man
  17. Here’s Why Ferrari Has Banned All Its Employees From Buying Its Cars
  18. Toyota Land Speed Cruiser is Now The Fastest SUV In The World at at 230mph
  19. One Billion Dollar Dubai’s Largest Indoor Theme Park Is As Big As 28 American Football Fields
  20. BMW’s Motorrad Concept is a Smart Futuristic Urban Electric Scooter