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Google buys smartwatch maker ‘Fitbit’ for $2.1 billion, to Rival against Apple Watch

Google buys smartwatch maker 'Fitbit' for $2.1 billion, to Rival against Apple Watch

Recently, Google has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Fitbit, a leading wearables brand across the globe. Google already has offerings like smartphones, smart speakers, a cloud gaming service, and more in its hardware portfolio. We believe technology is at its best when it can fade into the background, assisting you throughout your day […]

Google May Acquire Firework to Rival ByteDance’s backed Video App TikTok

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The giant is showing interest in buying Google America’s social video app Fireworks. According to the news, this app helps users to create and share short videos just like their rival app Tick-Talk . According to the Wall Street Journal news, Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo has also shown interest in purchasing Fireworks, but further negotiations […]

Google to build ‘Equiano’; 1st Sub-sea Internet Cable to Connect Europe and Africa

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It is now reported that Google’s third private sub-sea cable, Equiano, will connect South Africa to Portugal, traveling through across the west coast of Africa. It is Named after Nigerian-born writer and abolitionist who was enslaved as a boy, Olaudah Equiano, the Europe-to-Africa cable is Google’s fourteenth sub-sea investment across the world and the third […]