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Google May Acquire Firework to Rival ByteDance’s backed Video App TikTok

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The giant is showing interest in buying Google America’s social video app Fireworks. According to the news, this app helps users to create and share short videos just like their rival app Tick-Talk .

According to the Wall Street Journal news, Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo has also shown interest in purchasing Fireworks, but further negotiations with Google are continuing. Fireworks, based in Redwood City, California, entered India only last month. This year the company was reported to be worth over $ 100 million (100 million).

Short video format and social video platform are disrupting the disruptors. 14 years ago online video caused a major disruption in the TV industry and now online videos is being disrupted by short video formats globally. “Tik Tok isn’t Vine — it’s the next Netflix.” Mega industry insight here about the silly-addictive app’s dominance.

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TikTok is the most entertaining app I’ve used since Vine. Instagram has become a fundamental pillar in our culture. TikTok is the most entertaining app I’ve used since Vine. Instagram has become a fundamental pillar in our culture. TikTok needs to find a way to include images in the platform or put a search bar in the main feed. Instagram needs to steal the video editing tools native to TikTok and embed them into Stories.

The long-term play that Google has played with teens on Youtube is foreshadowing the next era of social media which will revolve around video. This signals that services like Twitch and Tik Tok will continue to soar.

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BiteDance, a Beijing-based company owned by Tic-Toc, is valued at $ 75 billion. On Tick-Talk, users can make short videos of 15 seconds, while Firework allows users to create 30-second videos. Its patent-pending technology will allow users to take both horizontal and vertical videos in one shot from their mobile device. This app is currently available on both iOS and Android smartphones. Its users are registered in millions.

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