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Unilever’s POND’S Launches World’s First AI-Powered Skin Diagnostic Chatbot

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Beauty brand POND’S today had achieved a unique milestone by launching the world’s first AI-powered skin diagnostic chat bot which, using a combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence and skin diagnosis technology, will enable costumers to overcome and solve skincare problems across four main areas — imbalance skin tone, spots, pimples and wrinkles.

Unilever’s Pond’s skincare brand has taken full support from latest technology like artificial intelligence and has launched an AI chat tool that’s claimed to be able to match skincare products to customers’ needs more accurately and consistently than dermatologists can.

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It is now considered to be the world’s first AI-powered skin diagnostic chatbot, it’s called SAL (short for Skin Advisor Live) and utilizes a combination of technologies including Google’s neuro-linguistic technology and BrighTex BioPhotonics’s (BTBP) DeepTag skin diagnosis tech. Combined with chat functionality, it should be able to help and guide consumers which products are best for their skin issues in a user-friendly way.

Users simply have to upload a selfie, complete a short quiz and get their personalized results in less than a minute with the tech looking at skin health via uneven skin tone, spots, pimples and wrinkles.

An important aspect with this AI chat bot is combining the various technologies with the brand’s own clinical research data to “deliver skin diagnoses of unparalleled accuracy,” we’re told.

Rohit Bhasin, who’s global brand VP at Pond’s, said the skincare specialist has been known for its expertise and its accessible approach for many years, but conceded that consumers can find product selection confusing and tech is one way to address this, while also helping customers to a deeper understanding of their skin.

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How is skin diagnosed?

Consumers upload a selfie, complete a short quiz and their customized results will be ready in under a minute.

How does SAL diagnose skin?

Skin will be analyzed by BTBP DeepTag’s advanced AI technology and results will be classified across four indicators of skin health: uneven skin tone, spots, pimples and wrinkles.

“With SAL, consumers can build and optimize their skincare regime – via popular social messaging apps – through this science-based, data-led skin diagnostic tool,” Bhasin said.

Currently the application has been introduced across various international markets, including Argentina, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa via Facebook Messenger and in Indonesia via messaging app Line. And Pond’s said that conversion rates have soared as a result.

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