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RIP Yahoo Messenger Finally shuts Down after 20 Years! World First Real Messaging App

RIP Yahoo Messenger Finally shuts Down after 20 Years! World First Real Messaging App

Today, Yahoo announced that its Messenger service will be discontinued after July 17th, 2018 after 20 years.

Yahoo!, a web service provider owned by Oath, on July 17 finally pulling the plug forever on its internet-based instant messaging service the Yahoo! Messenger, putting it to rest after a long keep running of around 20 years. Yahoo messenger was initially started by the Stanford graduates Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1998, the Yahoo Messenger became the widely used service of its time for communicating on internet as it provided the best alternative solution to time-consuming email and costly short message services (SMS).

In 2009, Yahoo! Messenger had more than 122.6 million users on its platform. However, with the emergence of new age smartphones and mobile devices, the application based instant-messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger gained a significant appreciation; making early messaging platforms such as MSN messenger and AOL quit the market, and finally its time for Yahoo! Messenger to say good bye..

Stickers and animated emoticons

Stickers on photographs and animated emotions otherwise known as emoticons have just restarted surfacing on most prevalent texting applications, for example, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatApp, and so forth. However yahoo messenger was in existence and gained more importance when the cell phones were not there, forget about the applications. Strangely, the detachment likewise had India-particular emoticons and stickers that made it very mainstream in India.


Profile picture on instant messaging platforms has been a typical component that is there for quite a while. Be that as it may, Yahoo! Courier was among the first platforms to provide customised avatar-based profile picture. There additionally was a choice to share diverse profile pictures with various individuals or to cripple them totally.

Chat rooms

Presently, this is one of the highlights that a large portion of the early Yahoo! Messenger users would know. When Tinder was not there or the possibility of web based dating was viewed as an unthinkable in India, Yahoo! Messenger chat rooms used to be where single Indian people used to for all intents and purposes hang out together, know each other and afterward discover a path in to each other’s chat lists. There were heaps of pre-characterized talk rooms, and there was a choice to make a customized chat room in view of one’s inclination.


IMvironment is what we see or recognize as themes today. The Yahoo! Messenger had several built-in themes such as snowfall, falling heart, etc. However, unlike the static theme that we see in current mobile apps, Yahoo! messenger had dynamic interactive themes that used to animate.


To be completely forthright, the buzz feature would do well if acquainted with any application in the present time. It was a basic element to send a buzz shake to catch their eye.

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