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Amazon launches International Shopping Feature from United States, to allow customers to shop in 25 Currencies

The online retailer introduced international shipping from the US on Tuesday, making over 45 million items from its catalog available overseas.Amazon might be a global retail giant, but until now it’s offered localized versions of its services within the countries it operates. Inc has launched an international shopping feature that will enable customers across the world to shop more than 45 million items that can be shipped to their country from the United States.

The international shopping feature, which is available on a mobile browser and the mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, has been extended to users to purchase products outside their home markets and is available in five languages, including Spanish, English, simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and German, Amazon said on Tuesday.

It will allow customers to shop in 25 currencies, with more languages and currencies to be added in 2018.

Customers can also choose from different shipping options and delivery speeds.

The international shopping feature will display pricing, shipping costs and import duty estimates, with Amazon managing courier service and customs clearance in case of potential surprises at the time of purchase or delivery. REUTERS

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