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Forget iPhones or MacBooks, ‘Apple Shoes’ up for sale at 15,000 Dollars

An uncommon match of white tennis shoes with the rainbow-shaded Apple logo – specially designed for the company employees in the 1990s – may bring an incredible $30,000 when it goes under the sledge.

The Adidas shoes, measure 9 and a half, are produced using the white cowhide material. They highlight Apple’s logo on the tongue and on both sides of shoes. The soles are produced using elastic that does not leave slide marks.

They were ultimately produced by Apple solely for their emplyees in the mid 1990s. Just two sets of the shoes are accepted to exist.

The tennis shoes were first sold to an Apple employees in the mid-1990s. They were later sold off on the internet shopping entryway eBay in 2007.

The shoes reemerged at a carport deal in the US as of late, and was recovered by a companion of Leon Benrimon, from the sales house Heritage Auctions.

The shoes will be available to be purchased on eBay. The beginning offer will be $15,000, and Benrimon anticipates that them will be sold at a cost of at any rate $30,000.

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