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Volkswagen unveils First Ever Fully Electric Racing Car, Accelerates Faster than a F1 Car

Here is the new hillclimber for the legendary mountain race Pikes Peak: Volkswagen Motorsport presents the electric VW I.D. R Pikes Peak in Alès, France.

The Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak had made a big appearance on April 22 at a circuit in Alès, France. It will be the first-ever completely electric race auto by the organization and will participate in Pikes Peak challenge, yearly American slope climb race in June 2018.

This time the organization is prepared to energize the purchasers with the beginning of new time in motorsport. The I.D. R Pikes Peak with the introduction in broad daylight on 22 April will be the main completely electric dashing auto from the Volkswagen. Till now, the PC outlines have functioned admirably for the initial introduction of the summiteer concerning the hill club on the planet. New completed model holds streamlined flawlessness, lightweight development, capable electric motor and energizing plan.

It covers 19.99 kilometers and 1,440 meters in height in only 9 minutes. The condition is no crash obstructions and soak slants up to nearly hundred meters. The current occasion at Pikes Peak is named as the “Race to the Clouds” which starts from 2,862 meters and achieves 4,302 meters considering above ocean level.

From 100+ years, this slope climb has been very intriguing in the realm of engine dashing. The organization took part in 1987 with a iconic twin-engine Golf.

Presently, the objective of the organization to make another record with electric autos. We can see the fervor of the record in the auto as Volkswagen R has rendered its name to the auto for future reference. The learning in climbing the Pikes Peak International Hill Project will be appended to the advancement of performance-optimized electric cars at R GmbH in future.

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