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Kawasaki J Concept – purely outstanding

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At this piece of art, Batman’s motorcycle, that appeared in the third episode of Nolan’s trilogy, does not seem so far from reality.  Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Kawasaki J concept looks like a vehicle just stolen from a futuristic movie.

The latest creation by the Japanese automotive producer is quite hard to define from a technical standpoint. Notwithstanding the hard categorization, J concept looks pretty cool: first priority to mention is with no doubt the three wheels that this motorcycle has. The double front wheels act in two different modalities: in Sport Mode, they are pushed together, so that the vehicle crouches to lower the centre of gravity; in Comfort Mode, instead, the front wheels act separately, so that the vehicle gets more comfortable and stable for the rider.

Other modernist touch is the absence of handlebars, substituted by two levers attached to the front wheels.

Powered through an electric motor hooked to a nickel-metal hydride battery, this compact piece of art just looks unbelievable, with transparent light green components rendering it an easily predictable protagonist of some post-modern movie adventure.

Even if this amazing creation is not likely to shift into mass production, the leading role it has played at the Tokyo Motor Show was with no doubt well deserved: Kawasaki J is purely outstanding.

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