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Renault Alpine Vision Gran Turismo 2015 – real life version

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The car hasn’t made its digital debut yet but Renault has already made a real-life model of the Alpine Vision GT which was shown during the 2015 Festival Autmobile International in Paris.

While it may not be a functioning concept, the French automaker did a very nice job in creating the scale model of the Alpine Vision GT.

Everything about the car was made to look exactly like the one that was previewed weeks ago including: the V-shaped front end and the open air design of the rear section along with the alloy wheels.

Watch the videos below uploaded by alexsmolik and AutoPlusMagazine and see the radical looking Alpine Vision GT for yourself.

It will be available in Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 6 come March 3, 2015 via a free update.

watch out the video below

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