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Aston Martin AMV10 Concept Car – design by Dutch designer Sabino Lirentveld

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As far as the Aston Martin is rocking in the race and luxurious markets, this type of concept cars are evolving more in present scenario to  make it a awesome car world. so for  that type of evolution this Dutch designer’s AMV10 concept is existed. even this post can’t get the value of reading in the case of concept , But these concept’s are the most case of new designs in every vendor sector.

Sabino Design introduced a completely radical idea for the flagship Aston Martin: the AMV10.
This car was created by tuners who were very likely to be inspired by the Jaguar XJ 220, as a result the looks and the middle engine layout are similar to those of the legendary Jag, rather than the DB9/ V8 Vantage.
Furthermore the car will feature a V10 engine (producing 700 hp), which was never used by Aston before…

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