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FERRARI V4 – super concept bike


The new Ferrari V4 Concept Motorcycle was designed by Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik.  This beast of a bike is packed with a modified engine from a Ferrari Enzo, the hand controls from a F-16 Fighter Jet and the buttons from a F1 Race Car.

While the styling of the Ferrari V4 motorcycle might be controversial to say the least, it certainly stands out from the crowd. And in part that’s what a Ferrari is supposed to do. The aesthetics of the Ferrari V4 motorbike have been influenced by both classic and modern Ferrari vehicles, but revised and repackaged into a motorcycle.

Under the highly curvaceous bodywork of the Ferrari V4 motorcycle is, unsurprisingly a V4 engine. This unit is derived from the Ferrari Enzo V12 block, which has been cut down and redesigned into a V-four cylinder configuration. The engine features ride-by-wire throttle control and is mated to a mono-block gearbox that support the swing arm.

One of the more unusual features of the Ferrari V4 superbike is is adjustable ride-height suspension and dampening control. Riders can choose from two separate ride heights and two shock damping styles for each ground clearance setting.

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