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Honda launches Super 90 Concept Motorcycle on 50th Anniversary


Honda Super 90 Concept Motorcycle

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Honda Super 90, Igor Chak designed a concept motorcycle inspired from the 60’s Honda model that certainly makes it Classy and Awesome!

It has been 50 years since the first S90 and I thought it would be a great to give this amazing motorcycle a second life!

Those hub motors are powered by a 14kWh Air Cooled Lithium Sulfide Battery (Li2S) which holds 4 times energy of standard Lithium ion batteries. This battery is located at the bottom portion in order to get a lower gravity point, making the bike uses less energy for better traction. For safety, this bike features ABS, Traction Control, Stability Control, and Launch Control also Regenerative Braking System that gives you 60% of that braking power back. All information about the condition of your bike is displayed on the main OLED touch screen display.

Fascinating isn’t it,

VIDEOS : 50th Anniversary Honda Super 90 Concept

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