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If Gujaratis love ice cream why aren’t Modi’s words sweet: Nitish



Bihar Chief Minister and senior JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar hit out at BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi saying anyone who aspires to be Prime Minister should be patient and not arrogant. Perhaps for the first time, Nitish publicly attacked the Gujarat chief minister, saying the country needs a leader who is acceptable to all and can take all sections of society forward.

“Choose a leader who can take care of everyone and inspires faith in all. One acceptable to all and is willing to hug all,” Nitish said, addressing the JD(U) Chintan Shivir in Rajgir, Bihar. He also slammed the BJP for its ‘arrogance’ during Sunday’s Hoonkar rally. “What name of a rally is this? ‘hoonkar’? It drips of arrogance. The man dreaming of the PM’s post needs to be a sober individual. Why the excitement in this case?,” adding that Modi seemed to be running out of patience to be the next PM. “Modi was sweating and drinking water over and over. Why? One who dreams of being the Prime Minister should have patience.. I’ve heard Gujarati’s are biggest consumers of ice-cream, why doesn’t that sweetness reflect in your words?” “How many times can you keep shouting at the crowd during a rally?… Danger is big but you must maintain communal harmony..,” he added. Taking a dig at his former ally the BJP, Nitish said no one party had a hold over Lord Ram and that one should not get influenced by speeches too easily. “First they include Lord Rama in their party. Then they engulf Lord Krishna in caste politics. He comes here to talk casteism… No one party has a hold over Lord Ram and his ideology.” On his party ending its alliance with the NDA, Nitish said it was the BJP who used the JD(U) so they could experience power. “BJP fought the 2010 elections with me because they needed me. They then dumped me, So who is the traitor?” He was responding to Modi’s comment that Nitish was a hypocrite and his calls to the crowd to “punish the betrayers” and “wipe them out” Clarifying that he has no ambitions of being PM, he said, “I also dream but not of being Prime Minister. I have not sold tea but am from a humble home.”

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